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An inspiring book that shows ways to overcome obstacles to success, happiness and peace of mind!


     What do Albert Einstein and Walt Disney have in common with Shaquille O’Neal and J.K. Rowling?

     All of them overcame one or more of life’s most common obstacles to success and fulfillment and emerged at the top of their respective fields.

     How they did it is described in this inspiring new book by one of the top motivational speakers in the U.S. – former longtime LSU Coach Dale Brown.

     The book offers ways of getting past the most common obstacles, or hurdles, that block people’s paths to success, happiness, and peace of mind.

     Coach Brown lists the major obstacles as:

  • Past failures or fear of failing

  • Handicaps, both physical and mental

  • Lack of self-knowledge

  • Discouragement (either self-inflicted or coming from others) in the form of negative language such as “I can’t” or “You can’t.”

     The author prescribes ways of dealing with and overcoming these hurdles, and he illustrates his key points by telling a dozen inspiring stories of people who conquered the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that stood in their way. (To see who these people are, click here.)

(This is a 160-page book, 5x7 size, illustrated with 21 photos. Hardcover $17.95; softcover, $14.95.)


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“One of the strongest, most original motivational books since Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ in 1952”

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